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Johnston Center Graduation Review   April 6, 2018

Johnston Center Graduation Review

April 6, 2018

I still cannot believe it. I have very vivid images of excursions after almost completely sleepless nights carrying a big ass athletic bag with nothing but clothes and a gun, skipping class to walk miles listening to A Tribe Called Quest and DMX on my way to make $20 for a weed bag one of my brothers gave me so I can buy my mom some food. He also gave me clothes. 

I didn’t have a home, I didn’t even have a bed to sleep in damn it.

One year ago today I did what none of my friends had the opportunity or resources to do, complete a Bachelors degree education with a celebratory Graduation Review. We all came from the East Side and our lives are very different. It was tough but My God My God My God.

After a great lunch with a great advocate I realized a lot; I’m getting booked shows for some of my art forms, promotions in a job I’ve only been in for a few months, and even athletic opportunities I could have never saw back when I was running in a 103 degree Fontana gym with no A/C. Even meeting with power players, policy makers, and political figures to voice the change that’s needed for youth of marginalized communities of color. I have a bit of a platform and power now. 

All while living in my dream environment, the loving community of The Bay Area.

Young Brown Boi you are The King. You have everything that you need, you are everything that you need. And you are nothing without your community.

Life is good. God is Great. Momma it’s already happened. 

I love you.

Marcus Garcia