Cheeky Andy


Going on my 6th play in a row. First play was driving around Oracle Arena with very cloudy skies due to the SHIT of air quality in The Bay Area these days, so definitely could not exactly match the vibe Breezy Lovejoy was displaying BUT. Anyways. Right off the bat, some of my personal favs are ‘6 Summers’ ‘Who R U?’ annnnnnd ‘Trippy’ probably. Honestly, this WHOLE SHIT IS A BOP. Songs like ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Saviers Road’ really grew on me quick around the 4th play. Whatever final mix Doc put into ‘Tints’ somehow still made it even better. Even though the only song he’s spitting on, ‘Mansa Musa’, is by far the worst song on the album. I also could have done without ‘Left to Right’, or maybe just not as the outro but more as an extra - STILL a bop though. Busta Bust definitely showed his obvious influence on the song. Pusha and Q-Tip didn’t necessarily deliver, but I mean, they still Mf Pusha and Tip. GOAT-y. Annnnnnd ‘Sweet Chick’ is cute. Glad to hear Anderson getting head for the first 3 songs n shit.

Marcus GarciaComment