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More Cheeky Andy

I’ve been on such an Anderson high lately, but I’ve also always loved this album (listed as a ‘Playlist’ on his SoundCloud oddly enough - but ya know, its Paak). ‘Heart Don’t Stand a Chance’ ‘Silicon Valley’ annnnnd ‘Room in Here’ with the amazing Game feature were personal favs throughout college. Everyone fuckin loves ‘Come Down', but not the one with cheatin ass T.I. cuz he’s cancelled. Second half of ‘The Season/Carry Me’ gets me every time. ‘Am I Wrong’ is SUCH A GROOV, obvi with groovyq hisself. My fav Rapsody verse on ‘Without You’ with the great GREAT Hiatus Kaiyote sample. The Free Nationals spazzz on ‘Lite Weight’, which is perfect to play at a DiscoTec. ‘Your Prime’ has one of my fav beats for sure. And ‘Water Fall (Interluuube)’ is amazing as well.

All love to you Paak. Such a great week, and past 2 months that you’ve been promoting - it was so fun to watch. And thank you for such great content with all the music you’ve done with, well, fuckin everyone. Also a V stimulating IG with you dancing everywhere with ya thicc self and bustin yo ass from time to time.

One Love.

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